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Pre-Award Support for College of Natural Science Faculty

If you are beginning the process of applying for a research grant, start with our handy Everything A Faculty Member At MSU Needs to Know When Beginning A Grant Proposal toolkit. 

The staff of the NatSci Office for Research Support is currently working remotely during normal business hours.  We can be reached via email at, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.  Teams may be used for chat, voice calls, and video conferencing. 


MSU Sponsored Programs Administration Newsletter Announces New Resource Pages for Investigators:  




New Faculty Orientation Presentation (Fall 2021)

Building a Grant Proposal at MSU

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Additional Forms, TemplatesFunding Sources, and Support


Post-Award Information

Grant Transfers


Pre-Award (OSP)

Post-Award (CGA)

VP for Research & Innovation (VPRI) - Schedule of upcoming grant related seminars