Building a Grant Proposal

MSU eTransmittal

This is the internal MSU routing form for proposal tracking.
  • Must be completed before account can be set up
  • Award is to the University
  • Must be reviewed and approved by Office of Sponsored Programs prior to grant submission
  • Used for numerous reporting functions to track faculty, department and college research activity
  • Required Attachments: Abstract, Final Budget & Budget Justification
  • Log into the Contract and Grant Administration website to access

Overhead Credit Distribution

  • Needs to equal 100%
  • Should represent each investigators relative contribution to project
  • If you have a significant intellectual or research contribution you should be on the Transmittal
  • Each investigators overhead allocation is split between college(s) and department(s) by base appointment, faculty assigned space, and grant administration
  • eTransmittal will calculate your allocation according to your base appointment