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Building a Grant Proposal

The Basics

What every MSU faculty member needs to know when beginning a grant proposal.

Suggested Timeline for Proposal Development

10 - 12 weeks before deadline

  1. Contact the NatSci Office of Research Support
    • Complete the NatSci ORS New Proposal Request Form
    • Provide solicitation number or link (RFA, RFP, BAA, etc.)
    • Determine grant submission timeline
    • Identify potential internal reviewers
  2. Identify Potential Issues
    • Registration requirements for funding agency, on-line submission (see items below).
    • Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure
    • Patent, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Publication Restrictions, Ownership of data, deliverables (Contact OSP or MSU Business Connect for these items).
    • Export Control Certifications
    • Regulatory Affairs: Human subjects, Vertebrate animal, Human Blood/ materials/fluids, Radioisotopes, Recombinant DNA, Pathogens/biohazards, Hazardous/regulated chemicals
    • Required Cost share, Match or other University Commitments (Work with your chair to initiate request to NatSci associate dean)
    • Space: On campus or off campus space, renovations or alterations
    • Indirect Cost (Overhead, F&A) limitations
    • Office of International Development
    • Limited Submission
    • Specific Data Requirements (Training grants)

6 - 10 weeks before deadline

  • Contact colleagues
  • Assign and draft various parts of proposal
  • Address potential issues

4 - 6 weeks before deadline

  • Seek input from internal reviewers
  • Follow up and resolve issues
  • Collect required documents and information
  • Begin drafting budget & justification

2 - 4 weeks before deadline

  • Time to finalize and assemble the proposal
  • Route Kuali Coeus Proposal Development Document

1 week before deadline

  • Proposal is submitted to NatSci Office of Research Support. We submit it to OSP for review and submission

Popular Resources

Acronyms commonly used at MSU

MSU Conflict of Interest Website

MSU Technologies - Intellectual property, licensing and technology commercialization.

MSU Business-CONNECT - Establishes research partnerships with business and industry

MSU Office of Export Controls & Trade Sanctions - Handles the export of sensitive technologies, equipment, software, biological agents, and related data and services.

MSU Office of Regulatory Affairs - Research compliance for federal, state and university policies