Building a Grant Proposal

The Basics

What every MSU faculty member needs to know when beginning a grant proposal.

Suggested Timeline for Proposal Development

10 - 12 weeks before deadline

  1. Contact the NatSci Office of Research Support
    • Provide solicitation number or link (RFA, RFP, BAA, etc.)
    • Determine grant submission timeline
    • Identify potential internal reviewers
  2. Identify Potential Issues
    • Registration requirements for funding agency, on-line submission (see items below).
    • Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure
    • Patent, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Publication Restrictions, Ownership of data, deliverables (Contact CGA or MSU Business Connect for these items).
    • Export Control Certifications
    • Regulatory Affairs: Human subjects, Vertebrate animal, Human Blood/ materials/fluids, Radioisotopes, Recombinant DNA, Pathogens/biohazards, Hazardous/regulated chemicals
    • Required Cost share, Match or other University Commitments (Work with your chair to initiate request to NatSci associate dean)
    • Space: On campus or off campus space, renovations or alterations
    • Indirect Cost (Overhead, F&A) limitations
    • Office of International Development
    • Limited Submission
    • Specific Data Requirements (Training grants)

6 - 10 weeks before deadline

  • Contact colleagues
  • Assign and draft various parts of proposal
  • Address potential issues

4 - 6 weeks before deadline

  • Seek input from internal reviewers
  • Follow up and resolve issues
  • Collect required documents and information
  • Begin drafting budget & justification

2 - 4 weeks before deadline

  • Time to finalize and assemble the proposal
  • Route e-Transmittal

1 week before deadline

  • Proposal is submitted to NatSci Office of Research Support. We submit it to CGA for review and submission