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Building a Grant Proposal

Proposal Budgets

Elements of Direct Costs

Elements of Indirect Costs

(57% for start dates beginning 7/1/23)

  • Negotiated with the federal government
  • Supports the university infrastructure
  • Reduced rates must be justified (provide documentation from funding agency)
  • Total Direct Cost (TDC) vs Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC):
    MTDC = TDC less equipment, participant support, tuition and fees and subcontract over the first $25,000

Budget Justification

The amounts requested for each budget line item should be documented and justified in the Budget Justification.

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Acronyms commonly used at MSU

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MSU Technologies - Intellectual property, licensing and technology commercialization.

MSU Business-CONNECT - Establishes research partnerships with business and industry

MSU Office of Export Controls & Trade Sanctions - Handles the export of sensitive technologies, equipment, software, biological agents, and related data and services.

MSU Office of Regulatory Affairs - Research compliance for federal, state and university policies